Fuse Board Replacement: What Does It Entail

The fuse board within your home is an integral piece of equipment for providing electricity but also protecting those from accident or injury. Ensuring that all is working correctly, as well as being up to safety standards are all considerations you need to have. At IPF we are committed to ensuring that all of our clients have safe, efficient and working fuse boxes to power their homes. In our latest article we take a look at fuse board replacement: what does it entail.

What Is A Fuse Board?

A fuse board is a major electrical unit that divides the electrical supply from the input mechanisms into the home and translates it to the electrical circuits in order to power various appliances. A domestic fuse board is made up of a variety of parts which include fuses and residual current devices. The fuse board is an integral part of the home so it is important that it is maintained and upgraded as and when needed.

Why Should I Replace My Fuse Board?

When it comes to replacing your fuse board there are a few reasons why it will be beneficial. Having this work carried out is important for the integrity of your home or building. What is also very important is having this work carried out by registered and trained professionals who are highly experienced in this area. Some of the reasons behind why you should have your fuse board replaced are as follows:-

Fire Protection 

Electrical faults are the cause of most house fires within the UK. With a large percentage of these fires also related directly to a faulty fuse board. Therefore having a replacement or even an upgrade is very much paramount to protection. In 2016 there was a move from plastic consumer unit cabinets to non-combustible materials which were designed to reduce the risk of fires spreading throughout homes and buildings.

Electric Shock Protection 

If you have an 18th edition or better consumer unit installed in your home then you will benefit from RCD or residual current device. This is a life saving device that is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock. It will also provide protection against electrical fires. Therefore the need to replace your fuse board with something modern can be very beneficial.

Additional Ways

If you find that your current fuse board is full then a new upgrade or even large board can provide additional ways for your requirements. Older fuse boards have less ways than modern. This is due to the fact that there is more requirement needed in a modern home than there was around 20 years ago.

What Does The Process Entail?

The process of having a fuse board changed will usually take around a day’s work. This therefore allows the electrician to make the changes needed then carry out testing to ensure that all is working as it should be. If there other factors like location of the fuse meter which needs to be taken into account, this could take slightly longer. 

When it comes to replacing a fuse board this is definitely more cost effective than upgrading what you have. This is mainly due to the extent of which upgrades are needed and it may cost more for materials and also labour.

Before the consumer unit is changed, the electrician will have checked to make sure that the distributor’s equipment at the origin of the installation and the earthing and bonding all comply with safety regulations. It is from here that work is able to begin. If the necessary components do not fit with safety regulations then these elements will also need to be replaced as well.

Once all of the necessary work has been completed, there is a set of rigorous tests which are then carried out. These make sure that all is safe to be connected and utilised by the homeowners themselves. 

To Conclude

Replacing electrical equipment in your home is a must. This is highlighted in this article on fuse board replacement: what does it entail. The safety elements of a new and modern fuse board far outweigh those older and more dated models. With such an emphasis on home safety it is vital that you take all of the necessary precautions. At IPF Electrical we are vastly experienced in fuse boards, and have installed numerous variations to a variety of settings. If you would like more information on our services then please do feel free to Contact Us.