What Is PAT Testing?

The use of electrical appliances is very much apparent in our daily lives. At work more specifically it is important to keep people safe and limit any accidents or issues that may arise. In order to do this you need

What Is An EICR?

With such an emphasis on safety within buildings or properties having the necessary checks completed, it is now a regulatory requirement. Carrying out these checks not only satisfies regulations but also ensures the safety of those within your building or

How Often Should I Have My Electrics Tested In My Home

It is natural over time, that all electrical systems deteriorate as they are used so often. That is why it is important to have the necessary tests carried out to ensure their integrity and safety. For homeowners this is particularly

Fuse Board Replacement: What Does It Entail

The fuse board within your home is an integral piece of equipment for providing electricity but also protecting those from accident or injury. Ensuring that all is working correctly, as well as being up to safety standards are all considerations

5 Electrical Safety Tips You Must Follow

With an increase in the amount of appliances people are now using in their homes, the chances of electrical accidents and incidents occurring has greatly increased. When it comes to electrical safety most people are unaware of some of the

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Thermostats

Technology has most definitely changed the way in which we live and interact with various appliances within our home. This has now moved into the electrical industry with the introduction of smart thermostats. These thermostats have become a very popular

Electrical Safety Whilst At Home

Staying safe within your home is key for all. To do this, you have to take necessary precautions which means being vigilant with specific elements of your home. Electrical safety is one of these elements, and with some basic understanding

Electrical Safety In Your Business

Ensuring that employees are kept safe within your business is such a key focus point. With a list of safety regulations to adhere to, more and more owners are taking note. This therefore means learning and looking at how to

Understanding Social Housing Electrical Testing

The requirement for homes to be safe is very prevalent in today's world. No more so than those that offer homes to housing associations. As a landlord or a local council it is important to make sure that tenants are

What Are The Benefits To Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

With more and more homes being fitted with storage heaters, there has been a shift in what brands are being used as well as their benefits. One of the top brands now is Dimplex. By creating the products they do,

Can Electric Heating Save You Money?

As the cold weather is upon us and the nights draw in, you will find yourself turning your heating on more often. You will want to keep your heating bills low and there are many ways that you can do

What is Electric Heating?

Some homes in the UK don't have mains gas. If this is the case for you, then you could use electricity to heat your home. Virtually every household in the UK has access to the electricity grid. There are advantages

The Ultimate Guide to PAT Testing

Over the years, our lives have become too dependent on electrical appliances. From mobile phones to coffee machines, microwave ovens, and ACs, we cannot live without appliances. These are all machines that lose their efficiency over time. Hence, regular checks

What Does PAT Testing Stand for?

As electrical service professionals, a question we have to answer very often is 'What does PAT testing stand for?'. PAT testing is a term used to describe a process of checking portable electrical appliances to make sure they are safe

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Heating

Winter is just around the corner, which is when we all start planning to heat our homes. The most important thing is to use efficient electric heating appliances for your home. Check out the ultimate guide to electric heating to

How Often Should PAT Testing be Done?

Knowing when to get a PAT Test is important to the safety of you and the people around you. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. Currently, there are no specicfic legal requirements to let people know how often should PAT

What is an Electrician?

When ensuring that the electrics are safe in your home or workplace, you will want to hire someone that knows how to fix them. An electrician is a tradesman or tradeswoman who is qualified to carry out work on your

How Often Should Electrics Be Checked in a Rented Home?

Electrical Safety Rules for All Tenancies Councils, housing associations and private landlords must make sure the electrics in a property are safe and legal. This is for the whole lifetime of an official tenancy. All wiring and electrical installations must

Who Can Check My Electrics?

Choosing an approved registered contractor to check your electrics is as important as choosing an approved mechanic to carry out an MOT on your car. It is however, something that is never thought about, and is very rarely kept on top

Can I Hire an Electrician During Lockdown?

Many of us have noticed the amount of jobs that need doing at home lately, and this could mean you need to hire an electrician during lockdown. But is this still possible? Perhaps you work from home or your business

How Long Does an Electrical Safety Check Take?

Are you a homeowner? Did you know that it is recommended that your electrics are tested once every 10 years? But how long does an electrical safety check take? At IPF Electrical, safety checks are a speciality of ours and

What to Do if Your Electricity Stops Working

If your electricity stops working, you need to initially try to diagnose the problem before calling out an electrician.  Sometimes the reason your electricity stops working can be very simple and you can fix it yourself. However, at other times

Should I get an Electrical Check When Buying a House?

When you are about to buy a new home, electrical safety inspections can help you to make the right decision. Electricity has now become the most important tool because it is the energy source of every appliance at home, i.e.

How Can I Check an Electrician is Qualified?

It is important for any homeowner to check if an electrician is qualified. Electrical work is possibly the most dangerous task to undertake in a home. If you end up with an electrician who isn’t properly trained, the consequences could

What to Do if My Electrics are Unsatisfactory?

It’s a fact that over time, all electrical systems deteriorate because they’re used so often. This is natural. But what happens if your electrics are unsatisfactory? That’s how an electrician might describe the result of a safety test on your electrical

How Much Does an Electrical Safety Check Cost?

With many of the house fires in the UK being caused by faulty wiring, the impact of not having regular safety checks done can be perilous. An electrical safety check can avoid fires like these, but most people are not even

History of Electric Heating

How you heat your home has come a long way in the history of electric heating. Perhaps you remember the one bar room heaters, popular in the 1960s. Or the portable fan heaters that make a noise as they work.

How Much Does An Electrician Cost?

If you own a home and you’re looking at saving money, it may be tempting to carry out electrical work, particularly the smaller jobs. However, electrical work can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to hire an electrician who is

The Difference Between an Electrician and Electrical Engineer

Technology today means that electricity really is keeping the world running. Whether that is from the electrical needs of a domestic home, or technology that keeps our country running. What is the difference between an electrician and electrical engineer? Electrical engineers are