How Often Should PAT Testing be Done?

Knowing when to get a PAT Test is important to the safety of you and the people around you. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. Currently, there are no specicfic legal requirements to let people know how often should PAT testing be done. However, there are some basics that everyone follows in regards to the PAT.

In this article first, we will look at the factors that affect the PAT testing. We then understand how frequently you should get your appliances tested.

Important Factors Affecting How Often PAT Testing is Done

As there are no legal requirements on PAT testing frequency, we have put together some important factors. These will help you decide which appliances to get tested and how frequently you do that.

Use of the Appliance

If you are using an appliance or piece of equipment reguarly, then you are going to have them tested more frequently. The more you use an appliance, the more worn down it will get. However, if you are not using an appliance very often, then you are not going to have to get them tested as frequently.

Type of Appliance

The type of appliance also helps in deciding when to get it tested. In general, the devices that are used more, like a hairdryer or iron tend to face more wear and tear. This will mean there is more damage on them.

In comparison to fridge or oven that is stable and doesn’t go through many rigorous activities. They won’t have as much damage. Therfore, they don’t need to get tested as often.

Certain appliances can be broken down into categories to help you decide when to get them tested. You can find out more about these appliances in our article, What is PAT Testing?

  • Fixed Appliances
  • Stationary Appliances 
  • IT Appliances 
  • Moveable Appliances 
  • Portable Appliances 
  • Cables and Chargers 
  • Hand Held Appliances

Damage on the Appliance

If you have an appliance that is damaged, it is more likely going to lead to a signigicant hazard. So, it is important that you look after these appliances. You should take care of them with more frequent testing.

Structure of the Appliance

The Portable Appliance Testing also depends on the structure of the appliance. There are 3 classes of electrical appliances. Out of the 3 classes, the one that needs testing the most is Class 1.

  • Class 1 – The type of electrical equipment that has only basic insulation and relies on earth for protection.
  • Class 2 – The type of electrical equipment that has an extra insulation method so does not rely just on earth for protection. Therefore making it a safer appliance.
  • Class 3 – Low voltage items that are classed as the safest of electrical appliances. Their charging leads may need to be PAT tested but will depend on the item.

How Often Should I Get a PAT Test?

It is a little complicated to understand how often the appliance testing should be done. Generally, the clients or the customers need to get the testing done once every 12 months. Even banks and insurance companies suggest this period to avoid any hazard to anyone.

Due to the overly complicated PAT testing theory. HSE has the correct guide for it. Which is a little tough to understand. Although, it provides the general scenarios of portable appliance testing.

The testing is based on the known risk of the working environment. Usually, the office equipment assessment is the default frequency for PAT. It is simple, and everyone understands what it exactly means.

Office equipment includes computers, printers, mouses, fax machines and lamps. These requirements go through the testing process every two years.

To Conclude: How Often Should PAT Testing be Done?

With this article, you should have a clearer idea of when you need to get your appliances PAT Tested. As there are no legal requirments for the testing, it can be hard to decide when to get an appliance tested. If you follow our simple factors of PAT Testing, you will have safe appliances at home and in the workplace.

If you are not sure about specific appliances, you can take the help and guidance of our team of electrical engineers. You can get in touch with IPF Electrical by Contacting Us.