Our Ethos

Working with transparency is part of our ethos at IPF Electrical. This is how we have found we work best, as well as being able to build long standing relationships with our customers. With our vast experience, it is important to us to be upfront and honest with our customers when carrying out work for them. 

At IPF Electrical we are focused on delivering an honest and transparent service to all of our customers. We understand that with any electrical test, it can be worrying what the engineer may find, and also how much it is going to cost in order to remedy the situation. 

To eliminate this, we have created a schedule of rates so you have a list of fixed prices. This list of prices has been built around the most common problematic areas that we have come across in our experience. This enables us to provide complete transparency during the quotation stage. 

To further enhance our transparent working process we also photograph any electrical equipment that may be faulty or have issues. This is then sent along with our report to our customers, from which we can then explore ways in which we can remedy the issue. 

Once the work is completed we then photograph again to ensure you can see the progress we have made. This enables us to demonstrate the work we are doing, and also reassure the client that it has been carried out. All of the work we carry out is after the approval process to ensure no surprises along the way.