Can Electric Heating Save You Money?

As the cold weather is upon us and the nights draw in, you will find yourself turning your heating on more often. You will want to keep your heating bills low and there are many ways that you can do this. Many people will tell you to pop a jumper on or turn your heating down. But if you want a warm home this winter, then we would suggest having electric heaters installed. But can electric heating save you money? 

Change Your Energy Tariff

First things first, you might want to change your energy supplier. If you want to save money on your energy bills, then you need to switch to a cheaper supplier. If you haven’t switched energy tariffs before, then you could easily save £200-300 per year. Make sure you shop around for a new supplier and choose the best one for the amount of energy you use.

We recommend you use a comparison site to compare different energy companies. These sites typically have the best deals for your energy. Take a look at Compare the Market or U-Switch to find your new energy supplier.

Upgrade Your Old Storage Heaters

Next thing you should do is upgrade your old storage heaters. Outdated storage heaters are less efficient. Over time, the elements get less productive and will use more power to produce less heat. And in the new storage heaters, the insulation is more effective. It will save you money and you have all the same controls as a gas boiler system.

At IPF Electrical we fit The Dimplex Quantum storage heaters. Tests show they have savings of 47% against electric radiators. And the Government have called for all new homes to have no gas for cooking or heating from 2025 onwards. Gas boilers will be replaced by low-carbon heating systems. You should take this into consideration when upgrading your heating.

Electric Radiator VS Central Heating Radiator

Electric radiators are easier to install and will reduce the amount of damage to your interior. As they are easy to install, you could do this yourself. But we recommend getting an electrician to do this to prevent any mishaps and ensure they are correctly installed. Electric heating is 100% energy efficient, so you are not wasting any electricity.

Central heating radiators are plumbed in and will have to be done by a professional plumber. This is a costly expense. And when you want to move your radiator it will cost you damage to your walls. If your boiler breaks down, then your heating won’t work either. But if you have electric heating then you can still have a warm home.

But can Electric Heating Save you Money?

The short answer is yes! You don’t have to call out a plumber when your radiators aren’t working. They require less maintenance and you don’t have to bleed them to get rid of the dirt either. And the amount of energy you put in, you will get out as heat as they are 100% energy efficient. 

Choose your Electric Radiators

Now is the time to choose the electric radiators you want in your home. We have determined that electric radiators are the best for your home. They require less maintenance and are a modern technology that will save you money.

At IPF Electrical there are many different electric radiators that you can choose for your electric heating. Some of the main brands that are on offer are:

To Conclude

If you are looking for a less maintenance heating option, then electric heating is for you. By choosing the right energy tariff you can save money on your energy bills this winter. But remember to shop around and see what deals are out there, choose the best deal for you and your family. 

Having electric radiators installed can save you money. And we strongly advise that you swap out your storage heaters or central heating radiator for electric radiators. At IPF Electrical we can help you choose the best electric radiators for you and your budget. Feel free to get to Contact Us if you have any questions.