The Difference Between an Electrician and Electrical Engineer

Technology today means that electricity really is keeping the world running. Whether that is from the electrical needs of a domestic home, or technology that keeps our country running. What is the difference between an electrician and electrical engineer?

Electrical engineers are the brilliant minds behind many of today’s designs and innovations. The systems they create keep things running smoothly, from the tiniest microchips in our telephones and tablets, to technology on the power grid. Whereas, an electrician is responsible for wired installations and connections inside a property. Such as a business place or your home.

What Does an Electrician Do?

In the simplest terms, they maintain and install all electrical and power systems. This can be in your home, your business or at a factory. An electricians job is to install and maintain the wiring, as well as the equipment, that electricity travels through in your home.

As well as this, electricians also install and maintain the electrics at business premises and factories. Ensuring that the people at the business are kept safe at all times from any electrical issues.

Installing Electrics and Maintaining Them

When it comes to what electricians focus on, they will either focus on construction (installing electrics) or the maintenance of the electrics. Some companies will do both. It all depends on the qualifications of the electrician and what they are able to do.

An electrician that specialises in installing electrics will focus on installing the electric or wiring systems. They can be installed in factories, places of work and homes. Both new and old homes will require a new electric system at some point. Electrics wear down over time, as do most things with constant use. This means that you may have to have your electrical system replaced in an older house at some point.

On the other hand, electricians that specialise in the maintenance of the electrics will focus on repairing and upgrading any current electrical systems and equipment.

If you are ever in need of a repair to your electrical system or need a new one installed, we can help. IPF Electrical has many years of experience in the electrical industry.

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Fields of an Electrician

  • Domestic Electrical Installers
  • Installation Electrician
  • Maintenance Electrician
  • Electrotechnical Panel Builder
  • Instrumentation Electrician
  • Electrical Machine Repairer & Rewinder
  • Highway Electrical Systems Electrician

Electricians at IPF Electrical

IPF Electrical has a team of electricians. We proudly serve Peterborough and the surrounding areas, to help people with any electrical issues they have. From a fixed wire test to thermal imaging, we can help.

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What Does an Electrical Engineer Do?

In the simplest terms, it’s a person who designs and develops a new electrical system or solves problems that arise from testing equipment. There are so many different types of electrical engineer, whether that be to do with Telecommunications, Power Engineering, Satellite Engineering, Space Systems Engineering, and many many more. 

It is such a broad and creative profession. Electrical Engineers see a project from start to finish. They are involved at every stage, from the research right down to the development and manufacturing. 

With the way the world of technology is changing every day, there is always something new to be learned, something new to be discovered or designed, and always a way of making something even better than it is now. Almost everything we do these days integrates electrical engineering because of the way technology has taken over the world.

Fields of an Electrical Engineer

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Fast-Moving Consumer goods
  • Marine
  • Materials & Metals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Generation
  • Rail
  • Utilities

To Conclude: The Difference Between an Electrician and Electrical Engineer

With technology developing every single day, our reliance on electricity is more prominent than ever. New electrical devices are invented every day, on a small and large scale. By the time something is invented or developed, it’ll be out of date by the next day, things move so quickly. New ideas for improvement and further innovation are always needed, and being part of the next pioneering piece of technology can be exciting. 

People are always needing electrics to be fixed in their home. And are always looking for the next electrical improvement. Electrical engineers improve and create new electrics. And electricians install these in your home. We need both of them to help improve and keep our electrics working in our home or place of work.

Electrical engineers work on the electrics you have installed. Whereas an electrician installs the electrics into your property. You are only going to be hiring an electrician to improve the electrics in your home.

Electricians at IPF Electrical

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