5 Electrical Safety Tips You Must Follow

With an increase in the amount of appliances people are now using in their homes, the chances of electrical accidents and incidents occurring has greatly increased. When it comes to electrical safety most people are unaware of some of the basic preventative measures they are able to take to ensure they are safe within their homes. At IPF Electrical we advise clients daily on the reasons why we take electrical safety so seriously. In our latest article we take a look at the 5 electrical safety tips you must follow. 

Why Is Electrical Safety Important?

The importance of electrical safety is present in everyday lives. With more and more things becoming technical, connecting these to your home or business presents further chances of issues with your electrical system. This is why having regular tests carried out be that of your electrical system or even PAT tests can really help to reduce the risk of accident or injury. 

What Are The 5 Tips

As mentioned, with such an emphasis on electrical safety within your home, the 5 tips that we have put together are ones in which we discuss with our clients on a daily basis. Understanding these tips and also implementing them will definitely help to make sure that in the long run you are safe from incidents or accidents. The 5 electrical safety tips you must follow include the following:-

Have Your Electrics Tested

We will begin with our key area of expertise. Having your electrics tested may not be top of your list, however it is advised that homeowners have this done at least once every 10 years. By testing your electrics you can ensure that your consumer unit and also electrical installations are still up to the same standard they were when first installed. This is key as general wear and tear does occur.

Replace or Repair Damaged Cords

Damaged cords are one of the single biggest reasons for fires and electrocution. Therefore they present one of the highest residential safety risks there is. All power and extension cords should be checked regularly for faults. And as they are very commonly used in homes, they are more susceptible to damage. Ensure that all power cords are able to move freely and are not stapled or placed under rugs or furniture. This will decrease the chance of trip hazards as well as potential overheating.

Most of the time people will use a power cord as they do not have access to the necessary amount of points in which they need within their home. To eliminate this, asking for a registered engineer to come to your home and fit more points is definitely a safer option.

Unplug All Unused Appliances

One of the simplest and most basic ways to ensure that you are kept safe, or limit any potential accidents is to unplug or switch off all appliances when you are not present within the building. This does not only save you power by reducing any “phantom drain” but also ensure that any unused appliances are not in a position where they are going to overheat or have the chance to powersurge.

Keep Electrical Outlets Away From Water

It goes without saying that water and electricity definitely do not mix well. Therefore keeping them apart is vital for the safety of those within your home. Mixing water with electricity is a one way trip to potential electrocution which can be fatal in some instances. Ensure that when replacing fittings, or using appliances that your hands are also dry at all times to avoid this from happening. If an appliance is exposed to water then allow it adequate time to dry before using once again.

Always Follow Appliance Instructions

Appliances come with instructions for a reason, and this is not just due to showing you how to use something. It also ensures the safe use of this appliance. With electricity involved there is always a chance that an accident could occur. So reading the instructions is a great way to understand what you should and shouldn’t do. If you are still unsure, then contact the manufacturer for more details. If not there is an abundance of reading material online.

To Conclude

Electrical safety is prevalent in everyday lives, so ensuring that you keep on top of it is a must. Our 5 electrical safety tips you should must know is key to keeping people feeling safe and assured when at home. Electrical systems need to be maintained and tested to ensure that they are running as they need to be. At IPF Electrical we are specialists in electrical testing and also installations. For more information on how we could help to keep your home safe please do Contact Us.