What Are The Benefits Of Smart Thermostats

Technology has most definitely changed the way in which we live and interact with various appliances within our home. This has now moved into the electrical industry with the introduction of smart thermostats. These thermostats have become a very popular addition to most homes, and looks to continue growing. At IPF Electrical we have a keen interest in these devices, as well as finding ourselves fitting many per year. In our latest article we take a look at the benefits of smart thermostats.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a new piece of technology that allows you to connect your heating system to the internet. This therefore allows you to change the temperature of your home, or even turn off your heating from whatever device you have connected. It is also possible from a desktop computer as well.

How Are They Installed?

When it comes to installing a smart thermostat these are very similar to their manual alternatives. Just like a normal model they require adjustments to be carried out for the few weeks or so. Before installation you need to make sure that your home ‘s HVAC or electrical system is compatible. This can be decided by a registered electrical engineer or carrying out an eligibility check with the supplier. 

As well as having the right electrical systems, you need to ensure you have Wi-Fi within your home. This is how you connect the smart thermostat to various systems, as well as maximise its full potential when you are inside or outside your home.

What Are The Benefits?

As with most things, before having one installed you are going to want to know the benefits which are associated. When it comes to smart thermostats they have been growing in popularity. And those that have one installed understand why after a month or so of use. Below you will see a list of these benefits that are most commonly relaid to us from our clients. Therefore some of the benefits to smart thermostats include the following:-

Bigger Energy Savings

When it comes to the main benefit of a smart thermostat it is important to focus on the energy savings aspect. A smart thermostat takes into account usage and variable programmes which it learns over the first few weeks of installation. This ensures that you can get your home to an optimal temperature and energy usage without the need for constant adjustment. 

By having this ideal you can ensure that your home is limiting the amount of wastage in which it produces and as we know costs a lot of money to homeowners. This also works well with the changing seasons of the year and also differing needs at specific times. Your thermostat is able to know each and everyone of these to create the best and most efficient environment.

Easy To Use

Not that a manual thermostat is hard to use but neither is a more technical smart thermostat. With a really easy user interface they do not need a technology degree to operate. The screen on the thermostat is a modern touchscreen. This allows the users to notice all of the key information in which you need.

Remote Access

The reason why Wi-Fi is a key focus of a smart thermostat is because you are able to access it when you are not in your home. This means that you are able to plan and action how your home should be heated even before you walk through the door. Turning the heating up or even down has never been easier. Downloading the app for your phone makes it accessible anywhere. 

Get Exactly What You Need

As with the first benefit we discussed in savings, getting exactly what you need is very beneficial. That way you are limiting any wastage that may be present currently. By also having full control you can ensure your home is heated to the level you need be that when you first wake up in the morning or when you come home from work. The preloaded modes are fully customisable. 

To Conclude

With the advances in technology it is clear to see why smart thermostats have become popular. Before having one installed you should take an in-depth look at what are the benefits of smart thermostats. This will allow you to decide if there is a need for it within your home. At IPF Electrical we are specialist electrical installation experts with a variety of industry based experience. For more information on our services and what we offer please do Contact Us.