Storage Heaters

Economy 7 and Economy 10

If your home has night storage heaters, you will usually power these using a special electricity tariff that offers cheaper rates of electricity at night. Electricity tariffs that provide cheap-rate electricity are usually known as Economy 7, as they give you seven hours of cheaper electricity overnight. Economy 10 works in a similar way and gives you an extra three hours of cheap electricity – usually in the middle of the afternoon.

Here at IPF Electrical we have vast experience in supplying and installing Dimplex Quantum Storage heaters and helping get them all set up for you.

Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators are an excellent way to add an additional heat source to any room. Most of the time they can come from a local electrical supply which keeps installation costs low, Here at IPF Electrical we have a wide range of experience supplying and installing both Dimplex QRAD heaters and Rointe panel heaters.

SMART Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the way to control your heating on the go. Smart thermostats are the perfect gadget for those who like to stay in control. Use your connected device, or link it to Alexa, Cortana or Google and you can use it with a voice assistant.

Here at IPF Electrical we have a lot of knowledge and experience in installing both Hive thermostats and NEST thermostats.

Other services

The services in which IPF Electrical offer are all focused around ensuring that your commercial space, business or home are safe. Our experienced engineers are all accredited to the highest levels of industry standards to ensure we can deliver the maximum levels of customer service.

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is an electrical inspection and a fixed wire test assess the condition and compliance of your existing wiring within your premises. An EICR is the best way to check for any issues which may be happening behind the scenes and rectify them before they cause any problems in the future. At IPF electrical our engineers have vast up to date knowledge of current wiring regulations, to ensure your electrical safety, compliance, and peace of mind.

PAT Testing or portable appliance testing is the process of testing electrical appliances which are used within the work space or commercial buildings. Having a PAT Test carried out is with a view to limiting any accidents that may occur. The team at IPF Electrical are vastly experienced in the area of PAT testing, with a lot of repeat clients who exclusively use our services.

Thermal Imaging is a great way to get a better understanding of what is going on behind the systems in which we are working. Using specific equipment we can test any ‘overheating’ which can decrease the risk of failure or fire. The team at IPF Electrical use this service on a regular basis in order to help us form a better understanding of the systems.

Emergency Lighting Test is used in a variety of business and commercial settings. Ensuring that it is working correctly enables you to be compliant with specific regulations. At IPF Electrical we are experienced and approved to carry out these tests, as well as make any changes and repairs as required to ensure you stay compliant.

The consumer unit within your home can also be known as a fuse box. A consumer unit is used to distribute the power throughout your property. Ensuring its overall working as well as integrity is important to your home as it also acts like a safety device if there is to be a power surge. At IPF Electrical we have worked with a number of units, and providing upgrades is a great way to ensure it’s safe working.

Remedial works are closely linked to a Fixed Wire Test as they are focused around the issues found on the EICR. Our expertly trained team are able to take your assessment and make any adjustments or repairs to ensure full electrical compliance.